O post, o post, wherefore art thou post?

by Tiffany Felix

I just realized my second to last post Is nothing but pictures, no explanation. I had written nearly an essay on my experience interning at Zac Posen. Yet, somehow, it is nowhere to be found.

I think I can explain that.
That precise morning I was waiting in the airport to board the airplane to the Caribbean. I was headed to surprise my father for his birthday, whom I hadn’t seen in nearly six months. While writing my post to you guys, I was called from the gate to board the plane. Running on wifi, in exhilaration to get to the gate rapidly, I was not able to post the draft. I supposed that once I got to the Caribbean I would be able to submit and post the draft. And so I did. Well, I thought I did.

Where dis it go? I can’t quite figure that out.

Any-who, I am now watching the Golden Globes. So, tootles!