Silent Writter

I am going away to an unknown country where I shall have no past and no name, and where I shall be born again with a new face and an untried heart. ~ Sidonie Gabrielle

Month: December, 2012

Forgotten Introduction

Let me start by saying Hello. Realizing I never really introduced myself… Hello, again, my name is Tiffany Felix. I was conceived by Dominican Parents, born in the United States, New York and, raised in the Dominican Republic, Santiago. I currently reside in New York, reasons of which I will explain subsequently in further detail. I was raised in a third world country where it is fair to say that its citizens are extremely fashion conscious and believe that clothes indicate social standing, wealth and, success. They, well, we Dominicans  take pride in wearing good fabrics and clothes of the best standard they can afford. Dominican society lives of and take pride to and maintain their personal appearances that they’d prefer to live in debt to be seen, even if in false pretense, plush, gilded and, in clover.

Fashion and beauty, as a universal concept is said to have no set meaning or value.. its inherently and purely observer based. This also implies that “to each its own” and that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  One interprets the concept of beauty according to their own biased cultural, economical and, social predilection.  Agreeing with what I previously stated and yet at odds with the idea of fashion being relatively meaningless, I am a devoted fan and share a passion and great appreciation for fashion, art, architecture, photography and, travel .  A reflection of all that makes me who I am.

I had dreamed all my life of leaving the Dominican Republic  and moving to the city of dreams, yet, never actually saw it happening for non-relative reasons.  5 months, 14 day ago I moved to New York. With the purpose of pursuing a career in fashion and live the american dream. For reason’s that I prefer to exclude, I was not able to attend college this fall. However, I am happy and beyond glad to say that I will be entering this spring at LIM College and will soon to be majoring in Fashion Marketing.

I don’t believe that the origin of my love for fashion can be traced back to a single point in life. Yet, I can say that it was influenced by the environment in which I was raised.

Fashion has been a vital element in my life; it has become part of me. It’s the medium to my expression. It’s what describes what and who a person is, the mood ones in, it not only makes you look good, better, but makes you feel. Fashion carries our stories; fabrics absorb our smells and take the imprints of our bodies in such a way that they become not simply a piece of fabric but, a representation of ourselves, the wearers.

Having said that, I realized I wanted it to stay part of me,  pursue it for the rest of my life and, consequently get rewarded for. However the thought and  fact of  doing what I love and what I want to do is gratifying itself.

My  intended major of study in college has changed throughout the years. It went from fashion design, to fashion merchandising and what presently is, fashion marketing.

Lets see what the world has in hold for me in and for the future and the many changes it holds within, changes for the better.



Change of Purpose

The purpose of this blog has quite shifted from its intended purpose. It’s finality was to be used as a venting medium to release all my emotions, to whine, complain and, grip. But do I really want to vent with complete strangers, let alone tell them all about my life and current situation, my faced adversities, my problems, fears and concerns. Is this the most adequate and appropriate scenario to do so? Who will read it? Hear about it? It is after all a world wide web.

If you want to vent, write it down, read it, tear it up. Or, save it as a draft.